Greek Chapel

Some time ago I had thought that it would be nice if the model of the Wiesbaden market church got company and looked for other church buildings. I had set myself the goal to use a maximum of a 48 baseplate, beyond that I did not want to go. This makes transport easier and keeps costs within reach. After a short time I had a pretty long list and started sorting it out. Buildings with the same or very similar architectural styles have been reduced to one. Finally I had the list of 5 possible models. One of them is the Russian Orthodox Chapel on the Neroberg in the north of Wiesbaden. Duke Adolf of Nassau built this chapel from 1847 to 1855 on the occasion of the untimely death of his wife, the 18-year-old Russian princess Yelisaveta Mikhailovna, Grand Duchess of Russia and Duchess of Nassau (1826-1845).

My own pictures and from the internet, as well as aerial photos of Erik-Woe with the drone were the basis for my planning. By Dr. -Ing. Martino La Torre I was thankfully given more pictures, which were a great help to me and Berthold Buchner’s book, Wiesbaden – Baukunst und historische Entwicklung, has beautifully illustrated information about the building.

So in February and March 2021 I started to implement the construction with Lego®. I started to determine the size, but the shape of the building suited me very well. A square floor plan made it easy for me and I decided to use a 32 base plate. The scale of about 1:70 resulted from this. But that would also mean that it would not be very detailed. One of the pictures I received showed the chapel as an outline, which allowed me to measure the vertical and horizontal distances between the individual elements and then convert them into a Lego grid.

In reality, the building is built of very light sandstone and has 5 gilded domes. I decided to build the chapel in white, because it seems that way from a distance. Tan/Beige would have been way too dark.
The golden domes could not be realized with the available parts of Lego. So I decided to build them in yellow.

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Technical data

Modell finished: 2021
Number of bricks: ca. 5.500
height: 60 cm
width/length: 25 cm
Time to build: 90 hours in 4 weeks

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