Rhein-main-stein 2019

After 2016 and 2018, the Rhein-Main-Stein was held for the third time as part of the Festival of Cultures. The BFRM had again exhibited many models in the city theater in Rüsselsheim and opened their doors for 2 days. The weather was sunny and hot and so many onlookers and interested people came to the festival and the exhibition. Many discussions were ongoing. Bright children’s eyes and astonished faces of many who could hardly believe what you can do with the small ABS plastic parts of everything magic.
You could see on two floors not so small minifigs, a pirate world, an Ewoks world, a Star Wars scene and the THW in Lego was visiting. The little ones could do their “driving license”. They had to control remote control models over and around obstacles. Also, we had a shop back on site, with which you could satisfy the needs of children and adults with great sets and parts.
On the upper floor you could see locomotives pulling their wagons, the entire world of minifig series, many technic models and a big crane, a western town, some mosaics, Legoland in miniature, monsters and dragons, the Dresden Garden, Hogwards, a Winter scene, Wiesbaden buildings, the yellow monster (a monorail train) with city, Krachten, a harbor, trucks and postal buses.
All the contributors and the more than 2000 visitors have enjoyed the exhibition. We are looking forward to the next time.

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