Market Church Wiesbaden

The market church main Protestant church of Wiesbaden. It was built between 1853 and 1862 by Carl Boss. The highest of the 5 towers is 88m high and houses the 5 bronze bells and the Carillion.

After building the Monopteros it was clear that I wanted to build another Wiesbaden property. During one of the walks through my beautiful hometown, the path led me past the market church. A beautiful, Gothic brick building. Inside, the vault is blue and has something of sky. Unlike most churches, there is no cross over the altar, but there are 5 life-size statues behind it (Christ flanked by Mark, John, Matthew and Luke). From the outside you can see 5 towers. 3 above the portal and 2 laterally from the choir. After a brief hesitation, it was clear that I chose this church as next model to build with LEGO®.

You can see the model during a guidance through the market church Wiesbaden.

Technical dates:

Model finished: 2015
Number of bricks: ca. 60.000
Dimension(LxWxH): 110 x 50 x 170 cm
time for completion: 10 Months
Scale: 1:60

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