Bricks @nd Friends 2021

This year my wife and I visited Bricks @nd Friends in Cologne for the first time.

At first, the unusual place stood out. A hall, a former hangar, called a 4-stroke hangar. To get there the path leads from a hall in front of it with many nice new and old cars. Past restaurants, shops and workshops and the Michael Schumacher private collection. All this alone is worth a trip, but this weekend it should be enriched with wonderful Lego® MOCs.

75 exhibitors responded to the call of initiator and organizer Jürgen Kropp and arrived on Friday for the set-up. On site we found a platform of stage elements with 3m x 4m, on which we were able to build our Mooncity. The platform was also able to tolerate a ruffler of the visitors. Barriers have been dispensed with. This gave a clear view of the models, even for the small visitors, who came in large numbers on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors of all ages marveled at the exhibits and dioramas with glowing eyes and we were happy to answer the many questions.

On Saturday evening, the exhibitors met for a joint meal at the “Italian” in the hall next door. Now the many conversations that could only take place “online” because of Covid19 and the unusual exhibitions could be conducted personally and new contacts made.

When the doors were closed for visitors on Sunday after the two days of the exhibition, the dismantling work began. All models were packed into their packaging, boxes and boxes and loaded into the available cars. They said goodbye to each other and went his way with the promise of seeing each other at the next exhibition.

Conclusion: For us it was a beautiful, successful event that made a lot of fun. We were finally able to exchange ideas with like-minded people in direct meeting. We met nice people, visitors with a smile on their faces and all in an unusual, but nevertheless very nice location. We’ll be back!

But enough written, here are some pictures of the models and event:

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