Born2Brick Rüsselheim – 2021

Hard to believe, but after more than one year without, we were able to organise a presentation exhibition. Although there were only a maximum of 100 visitors in 2 hours slots allowed to enter the exhibition, but it was still possible to take place.

So we planned with 29 exhibitors on 20 tables on the themes of City, Space, Star Wars, Railways, Technic, Minifigures, Maxi Figures, Hogwards, … The exhibitors were enthusiastic and gladly accepted the opportunity to show their models to the hopefully large number of visitors and to answer their questions. My wife and I even had 3 tables this time and showed the Wiesbaden Town Hall, the Russian Orthodox Chapel, the Neroberg Temple, the Biebrich Water Tower and a small Moonbase. The proximity to our hometown made it possible to drive several times.

On July 3rd and 4th time came, the doors opened and the first visitors arrived. They were able to visit the exhibition in 8 time slots for two days. The enthusiasm of the few visitors was great, the questions were numerous. Unfortunately, our expectations regarding the number of spectators were not met, we had expected more. But obviously the fear of Corona or the hurdles with proof of testing, vaccination or recovery was too cumbersome or the online ticket system was too complicated, we don’t know. After the gates closed on Sunday evening, we had unfortunately only registered 387 of the possible 800 visitors. Nevertheless, it was a success for us. Born2Brick had realised its first presentation exhibition in an exceptional situation. We even gained some new members! The exhibitors were satisfied and the visitors all went home with a smile. The goal was reached and everyone said they were looking forward to the next exhibition of ours next year.

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