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The moonbase consists of modules, each based on base plates 32×32 studs. The transitions of the tubes between the plates are given in shape, height and size and thus quasi “standardized”. This makes a joint venture of several LEGO® designers possible. These have already been shown at some exhibitions.

Construction of the facility began in 2015 on the occasion of the participation in the BrickCityDays in Saarbrücken. Since then, the system has repeatedly been seen in a different combination of modules at various exhibitions. It has always grown. Again and again new modules are build that allow a different, extended structure. The imagination knows no bounds on the subject.

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If one thing is clear, it is that a moonbase has to have a monorail track. It should be the same with mine. But unfortunately the stops that bring the sets from Lego® are rather unsuitable. Therefore, something of my own must come from. As usual in the Blacktron 2 style with the colors white, black and trans neon green.

Save access via the corridors should be provided, and the shape of the building should be kept like a trapezoid. A lot of glass should be installed and the rails and corridors should occupy different levels. That means the rails have to go up another level.

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While browsing Flickr I came across the characters Spy vs. Spy from grubaluk. I was excited. Memories of my youth awoke. Upon request, I was given permission to reproduce them. I already had an idea what I could do with it. The John Wick movies with Continental New York in connection with Spy vs. Spy I wanted to take from New York to the moon and integrate it there.

In addition, I always wanted to build a tall building in order to bring more contours into the rather flat view. I came up with the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumper as a source of ideas for my construction. I liked the idea of a transition at a dizzying height. This idea also came into play. However, the building should not be built with straight walls. It should already have a twist.

The difficulty now was to enable the connection to the corridors and the transition above, despite the rotation. After a few tries, I found the optimal angle of rotation. The color of the design should fit into the Blacktron 2 era. That is why the colors white, black and trans neon green dominate the scene.

The surface should not be boringly flat, but look more realistic through different structures. With an additional row of stones, more stability was provided. This means that the individual 32 studs base plates can also be connected to one another by pins. The previously required connection plates at the transitions can be omitted and no longer disturb the overall picture.

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What use is a moonbase if you have to land your spaceship to a level that is probably far away from the station? Why not install a platform that allows direct access to the other buildings?

A corresponding module is needed. It must not be too low to endanger moving traffic and “pedestrians”. A direct approach is desirable.

The base is the Lego® baseplate 6099p02. That is surrounded by a ring of wedge plates, placed on a tower, an corridor is added and the landing platform is finished.

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Another rocket leaves the moon to fetch more goods and to bring the extracted, high-energy lunar rocks to dealers across the Galaxy. Stand back, otherwise the hot exhaust gases will be your doom.
The base is constantly growing and needs new material again and again. More and more astronauts need more and more food. All of this is done with rockets over longer distances to the home planet. This is often the earth, but not always. Other peoples have also gathered on the moon base to find their happiness here.

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At some distance from the buildings and mines of the astronauts live the actual inhabitants of the moon, the insects, spider-like beings. They live in caves and dark corners. The energetic and liquid rock, deadly for humanoid creatures, doesn’t bother them and serves as food. Here they can give birth and raise their offspring in peace.

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