Water Tower Biebrich

In the district of Wiesbaden Biebrich is a listed water tower. The brick building was inaugurated in 1897 and was used for pressure increase and water supply. An observation platform is at 42 meters hight and could be visited until 1914 over 235 steps in the company of the tower guard. The high tank had a capacity of 200 cubic meters and 11 meters in diameter. He was already decommissioned in 1923.
In 2003, the former water tower was privatized and should serve as office space in the future after a conversion. Unfortunately, it is no longer available to the public for sightseeing.

When building with LEGO® the one difficulty was to replicate the round, conical body. There is no way to evenly increase the diameter over the entire height without leaving a seam. I did not want that. After many trials and failed prototypes I found a solution. I created 5 rings, the diameter of each is tapered to the underlying and so conical.

The hardest part of the design was the implementation of the dome. If you take a closer look at the real building, it seems to consist of individual diamonds. Difficult to implement. The solution finding and implementation alone for the dome took just over half of the construction period.

Technical dates

Model finished: 2019
Number of bricks: ca. 12.000
Hight: 107 cm
Diameter: 23 cm
Time for completion: 20 weeks

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